Learning Japanese

Japanese similar expressions

Since していました is used to indicate that an action took place during a specific time, it is often accompanied by a time or else another action or event that occurred at a certain time.

昨日、勉強しました。              昨日の2時ごろ、勉強していました。

Kinou, benkyō shimashita.       Kinou no ni-ji goro, benkyō shite imashita.

I studied yesterday.                  Around two o’clock yesterday, I was studying.

Also note that ~ている cannot be used with momentary actions because it implies a continuous action.

授業中に、寝ていました。          授業中に、消しゴムを落としました。

Jyugyō-chuu ni, nete imashita.    Jyugyō-chuu ni keshigomu o otoshimashita.

I was sleeping during class.         I dropped my eraser during class.

How do you say it in Japanese?

Have you ever struggled with knowing what to say in Japanese in various everyday scenarios?


nichijou no iroiro na joukyou de , nihongo de nante iunokana to komaru koto ga arimasenka?

Let’s use manga to think about what to say!


manga wo tsukatte, nante iuka kangaete mimashou!