What’s the difference? おいしそう vs おいしいそう

What’s the differenceおいしそうVS おいしいそう

そうです can also be used in a slightly different way (see the chapter on Plain Style for more information):

おいしそうです。 おいしいそうです。

Oishi sō desu. Oishii sō desu.

That looks delicious. I heard that this is delicious.

Notice that with the expression on the right, the い adjective is not conjugated—the そうです follows the standard form. With な adjectives, put だ before そうです.

Here are a few more examples of this other そうです usage:

明日は寒いそうです。 東京はにぎやかだそうです。

Ashita wa samui sō desu. Tōkyō wa nigiyaka da sō desu.

I heard tomorrow will be cold. They say that Tokyo is lively. 

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